Thursday, January 23, 2014

How To Fight A Hangover In The Heat Of Chicago (Road Trip Part 1)

(Because hangovers happen)

Our first family road trip of 2013 started out with a 6 hour drive from Detroit to Chicago to visit a few friends in the city and relive my old college days. It was a good halfway point from our second destination of Minneapolis, MN and so we only stayed one night before heading onward.

I must say, I fared better than I had my freshman year when I thought drinking $10 vodka in a pow-wow circle in someones dorm room was an acceptable activity on a Tuesday night.

 I do realize that "family road trip" and "hangover" don't mix well in the same story. Even with my mom along for extra baby support it didn't mix well. But sometimes you just gotta learn the hard way. So, without further ado, how to acquire a proper hangover, and then fight that bitch off with the help of your toddler!

One of the best things about having friends all over the country is it makes a great excuse for a trip. And a free place to stay doesn't hurt either, especially when the view is as killer as this one:

Hamburger enjoying the skyline out on the patio

Jealous? You should be... That night it stormed and we got to sit out on the patio and watch lightning over the *Sears Tower*.

After settling in to our new residence we decided to start the hangover expedition off right by filling our bellies with sushi and fancy drinks... Because nothing comes up better hours later than those two things (actually I wouldn't know, I can hold my alcohol... But I imagine sushi is never a good precursor). 

We headed out for Hamburger's first EL ride and the second giant oversight of the trip (the first being not getting the car checked out before heading on a multi-state road trip, but that's for another time). Turns out lugging my suitcase up and down flights of stairs on the red line for two years wasn't enough and I completely forgot how tiny and outdated many of the EL stations are. Mayhem ensued:

 I have this picture in entirely too many places. Good thing I have good friends.

I'm usually a huge advocate of my jogging stroller over the wimpy 4-wheel strollers... This was NOT one of those times. I repeat... DO NOT BRING A JOGGING STROLLER ON THE EL. I'm ashamed. Oh yea, and even if you get lucky enough to stop at a station with an elevator, it probably smells like pee and will kill all your brain cells.

Regardless, Hamburger enjoyed stuffing his face with sushi and ginger with his specially made baby chopsticks:

Now what ensued afterwards could easily rival my college shenanigans, except first I very responsibly put Burger to bed and left my mom with her knitting and also the drinks were much more expensive... Because now I'm an adult.

An adult that mysteriously ends up with a balloon animal ladybug bracelet.

 The rest of this photo is irrelevant...

So what is one to do when getting home at 5 a.m. and woken up at 7:30 by a bright eyed, bushy tailed nugget? Well because I had no puppies to lock him in a padded room with I had to succumb to the fact that I'm old, pour some coffee, and get my ass out the door... Because it is much easier to bear the Chicago summer heat than to chase an atomic meat patty around an apartment full of electronics and expensive liquor.

So put on your happy face and act like a good parent:

And enjoy whatever it is that consistently passes for art in Chicago:

"A human face to the environmental discussion," I literally don't know any people with butterflies coming out of their green giant heads, but nice try. Guess it worked though, got our attention.

And nothing beats a hangover like a splash in the creepiest fountain in the world:

Of course no Chicago trip is complete without the obligatory trip to the bean:

Just don't lose the kid...

And make sure to wander over to Hackney's for a burger... If you don't sweat out the hangover after a stroll through Millennium Park, one of these burgers will finish the job.

Want to know the back story on why there are giant faces spitting water at you or the real name of the bean?? You can find all the answers and more here.

P.S. If you're ever in Chicago and someone offers you a shot of "a drink native to Chicago," politely decline. It is the worst thing ever.

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