My name is Danielle and I was born and raised in Northern England. At age 17 I was dragged, kicking and screaming, to Michigan where I have spent the last, ummm.....few years!

In 2010 I married my wonderful husband George, and in 2012 we welcomed our first child, Stefanos (and we want to enjoy him before we even think about another!!) We are also parents to two fur kids named McLaren and Shelby (yes, we're car NUTS) and a 1967 Mustang.

Until my sixth month of pregnancy I worked full time at a restaurant. I did that with probably a little more passion than most people do....at least I'd like to think that :-) I never really felt like I knew what I wanted to do with my life until I got my first taste of the restaurant industry during college. Now I'm not talking fancy pants places with pretentious food, although those places are nice on date night or special occasions. I'm talking, your local family hangout where the waitress knows your name, the cook waves to you from the kitchen, and your kids can throw food on the floor. Once I realized I wanted one of my own, I thought of every day at work as a research project. I collected ALOT of data, and one day I plan on opening my restaurant somewhere near my home! I'm sure I will talk about that more later.

But for now, my job is Mom, or as I have listed on my Facebook page " S' Personal Assistant" I feel so lucky to be staying home (although we don't stay home much) We get out and about around town for different activities and tons of play dates. I'm in a Mom Club (or three) which keeps our calendar full of "stuff" from story time at the library, walks downtown, visits to cider mills, museums, you name it. 

As far as wine goes, I'm a dry red kind of girl. I can be found most evenings on my couch with my iPad and a glass of Kouros, a Greek wine from the Kourtakis winery in Nemea, Greece.

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  1. I like this a LOT! I love that I learned stuff about you here that I didn't know from all of our FB chats. FYI, did you know Kate's middle name is Shelby? Anyway..keep on writing. You've got good stuff to share.